Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (Acoustic)

At the moment, I'm so inspired by this quote from the movie "A Star is Born": "There are only 12 notes between any octave, and then the octave repeats. All any artist can offer this world is how they see those 12 notes. That's it." I absolutely love writing on my acoustic guitar. It's when I feel the most connected to my music. As I continue to work my album, I'm releasing this unplugged raw version of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. It's so raw that if you listen closely you can hear the room and my metronome clicking away :) from when I first finished recording the song in my living room. For audio nerds (like me) wondering which microphone I'm using, this one is the AKG C414.

Special thanks to Denise Militzer and Quaison Nangle (Sauce Creative) for helping me shoot this video!

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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (New Single) - Out Now

Artwork Courtesy:  Ubahang Nembang

Artwork Courtesy: Ubahang Nembang

I believe that true music comes from Source and that I'm simply a messenger. The last couple of years have been transformational. I've discovered pieces of myself and healed in ways I never thought I would.

Happiness exists. True unconditional love exists. Purpose and destiny exist. I now have more faith than I've ever had before in something bigger than myself, something bigger than this world. 2019 has already showered me with so much happiness. This year, I'm welcoming my beautiful baby niece and nephew, Ella and Sohum into this world! I cannot wait to spoil you both with all my love.

I hope this new song brings all of you as much joy as it brings me. It is yours now.

— Astha

Listen here:


Chodera Najau - Out Now

Chodera Najau (छोडेर नजाऊ) is a song about self discovery. The journey of finding one's true inner self. The lyrics to this song were written by my mother Susan Maskey. I take great pride and joy to have had the opportunity to breathe music into these words.

Hopefully, as you take a listen, these words will encourage you to look within yourselves as well. The "self" is very powerful. Nurture it, feed it, take care of it. It is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

I have to take a moment and thank my incredible team for helping me bring this song to life.

- Astha

Credits as follows:

Lyrics: Susan Maskey

Music Composed by: Astha Tamang-Maskey

Music Produced by: Ashesh Rai

Recorded by: Manzil Bikram KC (Katjazz Studio)

Vocal Tracking, Mixing and Mastering: Myles "Losh" Schwartz (Incredible Projects)

Lyric Video Graphics: Dishebh Raj Shrestha - Square Studio

Video: Motion 20

Management team: Anish Shakya - Meraki

#ChoderaNajau now streaming on all platforms!