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Astha Tamang-Maskey releases the first single from her upcoming album

”Toronto-based Nepali singer, Astha Tamang-Maskey released the title track of her upcoming album, ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ from her official YouTube channel on Saturday.”

- myRepublica - The New York Times Partner

Instant Inquiry with Astha Tamang-Maskey

“Astha Tamang-Maskey is a Toronto-based Nepali indie alternative pop singer/songwriter and a rising sound engineer. With 2 studio albums released, she is currently working on her third full-length Nepali album, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’, which is scheduled to release in 2020. The title track of the upcoming record released on July 27. MyCity features Maskey for this week’s Instant Inquiry.”



Interview: Astha

“THE stunning Astha…has been talking with MMS about her track, More, and how it came together. I ask about Toronto and whether it plays an important role to her; when music came into her life; if her own material/sound has changed and progressed since the early days – she talks about her first home of Kathmandu (Nepal)…”


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‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ By Astha Tamang Maskey

“Shot on a secluded Cliffside beach accompanied by a horizon tinged with orange, the music video gives off an aura of calmness. The occasional softened sounds of waves crashing meld very smoothly with the instruments and Astha’s melodies.”

- Halla


10 years of “Sabai Thikai Huncha”

“10 years ago on 21st January, Astha Tamang Maskey released her first album, “Sabai Thikai Huncha”, which happened to be one of the most popular records of the generation. On the occasion of its anniversary, Halla tried to get as many insights of the album through Astha Tamang Maskey herself…”

- Halla


Introducing: Astha – Jealous

“The talented singer Astha has released recently her new single Jealous, a beautiful track which sounds wonderful. The vocals are sublime and the soothing melodies have a unique sound…”

- Le Future Wave

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Astha Tamang-Maskey’s new Muse:

“Two of the first three singles—More and Muse—of Astha Tamang-Maskey’s latest EP have been released, and the third is slated to release on August 31. These songs are a testament to her growth as an artist. She has embraced the electronic wave while still retaining her signature touch. Her earlier two albums are more singer-songwriter oriented and her new single retains that emotive flair…”

- Kathmandu Post


The Artist Explains: Astha - 'Ride' Ft. Manny Rite (Video)

“Toronto based singer-songwriter Astha speaks to WTHB about the concept behind her music video and single 'Ride' ft. Manny Rite. Beautiful in its ambient, electronic pop simplicity, 'Ride' features Toronto based rapper Manny Rite and and was produced by The Author…”



New Video: Astha – “Jealous”

“A song for her lost friend… catch even more lovely vibes over on Astha’s Soundcloud…”

- That Buzzing Sound


'Jealous' By Astha

“Dedicated to a friend she lost, this music video features Astha reminiscing her long lost friend with a certain touch of serenity in the concept…”

- Noble Vybe


New Track: Jealous - Astha

“ASTHA delivers her brand new single, revealing she’s feeling a little Jealous… The singer dedicated the emotive soulful number to a recent loss of a close friend…”

- New Lease Music


Have You Listened To Astha’s New Single ‘Chodera Najau’?

“Astha has never failed to create that sonic space of intimacy with her listeners. ‘Chodera Najau’ is an addition to her collection of songs that hold significant meanings and irrefutable truths that help you discover yourself. Her voice conveys a message for the listener to drown into her world, while at the same time forgetting one’s own…”

- Halla


Astha: More

“Toronto-based, Kathmandu-born Astha’s soulful new single “More” marries warm pop sensibilities with thoughtful, emotion-laden lyrics…”

- Cool Hunting


Astha Releases Divulging New Single “More”

“Astha's single represents learning how to love with the one you love. A listening experience that hearkens like lessons well-versed and challenges accepted…”

- The Ikonic Music Blog


[Watch] Astha - More

“From her recent EP Muse, Astha sings of the complicated balances in a relationship, both the struggles and the calms. In the video, this theme is illustrated by some interpretive dancing…”

- Ride The Tempo


Astha – ‘More’

“Astha’s soothing, ethereal voice reminds us of the likes of Lana Del Rey and Florence Welch. It’s a passionate and emotive track with a catchy instrumental. We’ve found your new summer jam…”

- Essentially Pop


Review: Toronto Based SIinger Songwriter ‘Astha’ recently dropped her latest single ‘More’

“Ambient Indie Pop artist Astha is a Kathmandu,Nepal born and now based in Toronto creating music that is so infatuating and smooth you will just want more…”

- Music OT Future


New Video: Astha – More

“The somber visual shows Astha going through the motions with her stoic love interest as she gives a soul-stirring performance of “More” that explores the highs and lows of love…”

- The Dope Show


Astha “More”

“Born in Kathmandu, Nepal and now based in Toronto, emotionally inspired singer-songwriter Astha hit mainstream success in the form of the single “Ride” featuring Manny Rite, her first release following a two-year hiatus. Getting back to her craft the talented songbird returns with her latest release “More.”…

- Elite Muzik


Astha Captures The Ups & Downs Of Unconditional Love In New Video “More”

“Toronto-based artist Astha choreographically captures the exhaustion and lonely corners of unconditional love in her new video “More.” The video shows Astha with a lover who face opposite directions, showcasing the emotional distance within the physical proximity between them…”

- Aupium


Astha Releases New Video For 'More'

“Toronto-based, Kathmandu-born singer Astha has released the video for her new track “More,” the first single from her latest EP, Muse…”

- The Iscream

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Listen to “Muse” by Astha

“Aipate highlights “Muse”, a song by singer Astha. The slow but rhythmic song is characterized by a groovy bass-line. It is the title-track to the artist’s Muse EP…”

- Aipate


Astha Describes Beautiful Love With “Muse”

“Her delightful sound and heartfelt lyrics transport you back to 90’s era R&B when artists unapologetically declared their love…”

- Audible Addixion

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Astha Tamang Maskey - Ma Ek Sapana

“'Ma Ek Sapana' excels in three areas that have come to define the quintessential Astha Tamang-Maskey sound: a versatile voice, atmosphere and sonic experimentation. Although the sound is a logical progression from her previous full-length album 'Sabai Thikai Huncha' and the more recent, experimental '11:11', this album is a unique, balanced, more mature oeuvre that invites listeners to connect, emotionally, to its words, music and ideas.”




Sabai Thikai Hunchha is more than just a Nepali pop album; for a change it's a pop album by a Nepali, one that sets a new bar for the music industry in Nepal.”

- Pg.46, Y! Magazine