Sabai Thikai Huncha.jpg

Sabai Thikai Huncha (Album)(2009)

by Astha Tamang-Maskey

“While almost all pop albums recorded in Nepal are done so with only the Nepali market in mind, Astha Tamang-Maskey's debut Sabai Thikai Hunchha finally takes the genre to the next level; it successfully embraces a global pop texture and style to its sound. What makes this album so different from any other pop released in Nepal is that it doesn't try to imitate a pop style but rather delivers a confident pop sound. The album manages to pull this off because of three key elements ; a talented bilingual singer/songwriter, producer (Rohit Shakya) and studio (Rec Records and studio), eager to put together something that stands out.

Sabai Thikai Hunchha is more than just a Nepali pop album; for a change it's a pop album by a Nepali, one that sets a new bar for the music industry in Nepal.” - Pg.46,
Y! Magazine