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ASTHA tamang-maskey🌊


β€œAn emotionally inspired songstress with a graceful and versatile acoustic sound..”

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal and now based in Toronto, Canada, Astha is an indie alternative pop singer-songwriter-sound engineer. She comes to the table with a charismatic voice and a unique sound backed by her acoustic guitar and carefully crafted beats. Astha’s music is melodic, direct and emotional with lyrics that attempt to explore the depths of the human psyche: spirit, mind and emotions. Her music echoes influences from various genres such as pop, folk and R&B. With 2 studio albums and an English EP under her belt, Astha is currently working on her third full length Nepali album, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa scheduled to release in 2020.

I want to capture complex human emotions in a stripped-down minimalistic form. I dream of creating a sonic space of intimacy with my listeners. By welcoming them into my world and my emotions, I hope my audience will feel inspired to express theirs as well and hopefully discover their emotional freedom.
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